Waterproof Labels

TUFFLabels offers custom crafted extreme waterproof labels

 Waterproof Labels

Waterproof labels stand up to the extremes!

Waterproof Labels are designed to withstand extreme environments from the salty ocean water, automotive oil, to labels for shampoo bottles. Our labels are also designed to meet the challenge of outdoor weather such as rain, snow, and ice.

Do you need a label that has the ability to stand up to continual use in water, oil or saltwater conditions? TUFFLabels has provided waterproof labels to a variety of different industries for many years like marine, automotive, and medical. Some of the labels we have manufactured adhere to marine equipment that are immersed under the ocean for many months at a time, or have the continual abuse from marine life. Waterproof labels are also used on heating and cooling units on roofs, the undercarriage on cars, or for warning labels near  pools.

Submerge this label on this fish gauge, the label stays. this is one of our waterproof labels.

Do you need custom waterproof stickers for your consumable products? We manufacture labels that can be used on water or cosmetic bottles and product packaging.

Our waterproof labels are manufactured with quality materials. We have durable waterproof vinyl or polyester substrates backed with an aggressive permanent adhesive, and top quality laminates to create a winning combination for durable waterproof labels.

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X-treme durable dome

Domed Label are Tough Labels

Our Toughest TUFFLabel – The DomeLabel

Our toughest waterproof label is the dome label. The clear polyurethane resin adds a classy, beautiful finish which protects the label from water and gives your label years of outdoor and UV durability. Our resin is also an automotive grade resin and is mercury free, lead free, flexible, and will never yellow. For more information about our domed labels, visit our Domelabels.com website.


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