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Handheld Face label

Permanent Equipment Labels

Adding your logo to your equipment will enhance your product image, credibility, and gets your name out there!

Tuff labels are used on all sizes of equipment and machinery, from hand-held devices to construction, manufacturing, and heavy equipment. We have a dedicated sales team that can help you determine which substrate and laminate will help fit your label requirements. Also visit for our domed labels that are impact resistant and very durable.

Contact one of our Label Specialists to determine the best TUFFLabel for your equipment.

Electronic Equipment Labels

Tuff labels are a great way to brand your electronic devices, like hand-held remotes, scanners, servers, medical devices, key pads for controllers and much more. Are you working on the development of specialized electronic equipment that needs a label with cut-outs and LED windows for the lights? We offer polycarbonate laminate and label stock, that will stand up to the continual use of any electronic device. Each label is backed with aggressive permanent adhesive that will last. Call today and we will assist you in finding the perfect label for your device!

With the capability to print white we are able to make the perfect face-plate label.

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