Metallic Decals

Printing Metallic Labels and Metallic Decals

Printing on a metallic substrate is one way to create an awesome and professional metallic decal or label. For example, when using a chrome silver substrate and full color inks, shining metallic colors are produced because the inks are transparent. This is how to get the effect of a chrome red or chrome blue. A white under-print is also a great option, when trying to achieve a look that seems to “pop”, by making part of the colors opaque instead of shiny.

Contact one of our Label Specialists to discuss how great your label will look on one of our metallic substrates which includes chrome silver, brushed silver, matte metallic silver, metallic silver, and metallic gold. You can choose full color or spot print on any of our metallic substrates. The spot print has a 3 to 5-year outdoor rating without a laminate; however, TUFFLabels recommends an over-laminate to protect the labels from scratches and abrasion. The over-laminate will extend the print life which is useful in outdoor environments. Another durable option is a polyurethane dome, which will produce an outstanding label.



Chrome Silver Polyester:

Chrome silver has a clear polyester liner which gives a smooth appearance. Add full color printing and to create a classy label with many chrome color options. The adhesive that is specially designed to have long-lasting adhesion for low surface energy (LSE) surfaces.


Brushed Silver Polyester:

Brushed silver polyester is a brushed aluminum-looking material. It can be printed with transparent or opaque inks to create a classy appearance, and is backed with a permanent adhesive for long-lasting adhesion.


Matte Metallic Polyester:

Matte metallic silver polyester is a light, matte silver material backed with a permanent adhesive. It is silver material is the perfect choice for durable product information labels.


Metallic Silver Vinyl:

Metallic silver vinyl has a glittery silver appearance similar to a car finish. When printed with full color inks, it creates glittery colors and a professional appearance. It is an automotive-grade vinyl and is backed with a permanent acrylic adhesive for High Surface Energy (HSE) surfaces.


Metallic Gold Vinyl:

Metallic gold is a glittery gold material with a similar appearance as the metallic silver vinyl. It’s a great option if you are looking for a gold label without a mirrored finish. It is automotive-grade vinyl and is backed with a permanent acrylic adhesive for High Surface Energy (HSE) surfaces.


Chrome Silver VOID Polyester:

Chrome silver VOID polyester is a smooth silver material with a mirrored appearance and backed with a permanent adhesive. It is tamper evident, and leaves the word “VOID” when the label is removed. It is a good choice for warranty protection on electronic and other devices.

See Spot Color Printing for more information about spot colors. See Full Color Photo Quality for more information about full color print. 

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