Computer Labels

A Complete Line Of Computer Labels For Your Custom Computer Systems

Quickly identify your custom computer systems by your own brand, serial number, asset number, warranty label, and more

Computer Labels for custom computer case badges

     Start off with your nameplate on the front of your computer system. We make Computer labels that are the standard 1″×1″ size or any custom size or shape to fit your cases. Go with a Dome Label for that 3D look, or stick with a Tuff label with our durable “Tuff Cover” laminate. Both choices offer you a very durable and professional looking computer labels.

     Laminates are available in a matte,  velvet or gloss finish. We have several types of metallic, clear, or white substrates to choose from. Our Dome Label is also available, using a clear resin coated finish.  See more examples at

Tamper Evident Labels

Computer labels include variable data labels and tamper evident labels. Protect your warranty with a “Warranty Void” label on the back of your computer systems. These labels will leave the words “VOID” if they are removed plus they cannot be re-applied once removed. learn more about evident labels by visiting our Tamper Evident Labels page.

Variable Data and Serialization Labels

Get a Tuff Label with a variable data serial number for your computer systems. Also put your contact information so your customers know where to go and whom to call for service work. Visit our variable data labels page to learn more.

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Custom Computer Label

Void Tamper Prevention label

Tamper evedent label

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Serial Number Variable Data Label

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