Photo Quality Labels 

Professional, Custom, Full Color, Photo Quality Labels

TUFFLabels’ full color, photo quality labels consist of CMYK color print. Our print specialists are trained in producing labels with optimum colors within the CMYK color gamut, and Pantone® color matching. Using our high quality digital presses, we can produce photo quality labels on a variety of substrates. Printing your photo quality labels with high resolution, on our waterproof substrates using UV resistant ink, and topping it with one of our quality laminates, produces an ultimate durable label. TUFFLabels are outdoor durable, which means our labels are waterproof and fade resistant.

Printing full color can be very challenging. There is a great difference between the colors seen by the eye and the colors printed on a paper. There is a huge spectrum of perceived color by the eye, but in printing you are limited to a smaller color gamut. Using our digital printing equipment with the additional colors such as orange or green, will produce the widest color gamut possible with (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) CMYK color printing. Our goal is to print vivid colors without any extra color charges. There are times we use the Spot Color process to print specific bright colors.

  • Low minimum quantities
  • No extra charge for additional colors
  • Fast turn-around time
  • High quality products
  • Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful Label Specialists
Color Gamuts


Most photo quality labels print on white vinyl. However, we carry several other substrate options. Ask one of our Label Specialists how your photo quality labels will look when printed on a chrome, silver, or clear substrate. Our knowledgeable Label Sepcialists are trained on the various substrates, and they can help you choose the best options for your labels.


Laminates and Finishes

Choosing the right laminate to fit your need is also important for a great looking photo quality label, and a durable, long-lasting label. Many of our inks are rated for up to 3 years’ exposure to sunlight without a laminate. However, you can extend the color life of your label from 5 to 7 years, by choosing our 8 mil Tuff-laminate.

     Contact one of our Label Specialists and discuss the different laminate options. We carry various gloss, and textured laminates to help create a professional, quality label.

Our most popular substrates:

3.5 mil Premium Gloss White Vinyl
2.0 mil Premium White Polyester
3.25mil Vinyl Clean Removing
2.0mil Brushed Silver Polyester
Metallized Chrome Silver Polyester

Our high quality laminates and finishes:

1 mil High Gloss Polyester
2 mil Gloss Vinyl 2 mil Gloss Vinyl
8 mil Tuff Cover Velvet Finish
Writeable Laminate Matte Finish
Polyurethane Dome
  • Labels digitally printed to your specifications.
  • Pick the size that works for your product. We do digital cutting, so you are not limited to a standard size.
  • No Die Charges and No Setup Fees.
  • Contact us for pricing on your label.
  • Check out our quick turnaround times; 24 and 48 hour turnaround times are available.

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