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Waterproof Labels
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Quality TUFFLabels are Tough Labels!

We offer custom labels with the outdoor durability to meet the need of your toughest labeling challenge. These  custom, high durability labels are designed for your specific application. Our waterproof labels and weatherproof labels are designed for maximum durability in all wet conditions.

    Our motivated and expert Label Specialists undergo extensive training on adhesives, substrates and laminates, advanced printing techniques, color processing, and artwork design. This in depth training allows us to help you find the best solution to your tough label need.

     With our wide range of capabilities, we focus on those “hard-to-stick” application surfaces, and on labels that can withstand harsh environments such as exposure to chemicals and extreme outdoor environments.

A variety of tough labels with our extreme outdoor durable laminates.

UV Resistant Outdoor Labels

Our digitally printed Ultra-Tough labels are designed for outstanding durability. Using UV resistant inks on waterproof substrates and finishing it off with high quality UV over-laminates, our labels will endure extreme environments. The secret to our 10 year rated extreme labels is the choice of laminate. Tuff over-laminate, tested in the hot Arizona desert sun, has been a champion for years. Do you need a durable warning or instruction label? With our 1mil UV laminate we can produce just what you need! A great looking, long lasting, durable tough label. We are all about Unrelenting Durability™.

We provide labels are are designed to withstand years of Ultraviolet light without loss of the printed image.

Which Label Construction Is Best For My Application?

Do you have a special label challenge? Our TUFFLabels staff can help find a solution for a variety of labeling needs. Looking for a label to stick on wood, glass, or plastic, or are you looking for something to withstand high temperatures or chemical cleaners? We know there is not a simple solution that fits every requirement. Our team of Label Specialists will assist you in finding the best labeling solution for your project. Let us know the details, such as the surface the label has to adhere to or the durability need, and we’ll work to provide you with the label construction that will be your label solution. Contact one of our Label Specialists today.


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We are all about Solutions! – Unrelenting Durability™

 We provide labels for a large spectrum of labeling product and services such as: 

Durable branding label used on this camera slider track.
  • Equipment Labels
  • Weatherproof Labels
  • Waterproof Labels
  • Marine Labels
  • Variable Data Labels
  • Warning Labels
  • Prototype & Pre-Production Labels
  • Custom Branding Labels
  • Promotional Labels
  • ID Tags and Labels
  • Chemical Labels
  • UV Resistant Labels
Image of applying one of our durable transparent labels.
the Layers

Waterproof Labels and Weather Proof Labels

Labels that will withstand harsh environments from the briny sea to road salt on your car.

Our custom durable labels are weatherproof and waterproof. Using water resistant substrates and high quality digital printing processes, our labels will withstand harsh environments from the briny sea to road salt on your car. Finding the right vendor is important. We have earned our place as the leader in the durable, weatherproof label market because of our attention to detail and our line of high quality, tested, durable, label components as well as affordable competitive pricing.

Submerge this label on this fish gauge, the label stays. this is one of our waterproof labels.

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Chemical Resistant Labels

Engineered to withstand salt water spray, dirt, water, oil, and harsh cleaners.

We offer custom printed, durable, chemical resistant tough labels for your specific application. Tough labels are engineered and designed to withstand salt water spray, dirt, water, oil, harsh cleaners, and many other harsh chemicals. We offer labels that meet RoHS compliance to be mercury free, lead free, and latex free. With several high-quality laminates to choose from, your labels can be custom designed to match your application. Your equipment deserves a stunning, high quality, durable label.

Chemical resistant label used on a soap and cleaner dispenser on car wash equipment.

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 Our Toughest TUFFLabel – The Dome Label

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 An Awesome Dimension

Our longest lasting durable label is the polyurethane domed label.

Contact today for a free quote on our TUFFLabels, durable labels, waterproof labels, and outdoor labels, customized for your specific application. TUFFLabels is a leading manufacturer of custom durable labels with over 16 years of experience in high-durability, digital label printing. You can contact us at (855) 855-8833 or email: