Tamper Evident Labels

Custom Tamper Evident Labels Will Protect Your Assets !

  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Tamper Evident Labels

Custom “VOID” Tamper Evident Labels

Know at a glance if your asset integrity has been violated when you see the word “VOID”

   “VOID” tamper evident labels are used to protect your assets, for calibration and warranty status of electronic equipment and more.

     With the strong acrylic adhesive tampering reveals the word “VOID” if label removal is attempted and tags cannot be re-applied or reused.

Printing your custom graphics, variable asset numbers, warranty or calibration numbers  you choose from silver metalized polyester or white Polyester substrates.

Tamper evident labels have a service temperature* range of -40°F to 104°F and a 2 year outdoor** durability rating which can be increased by applying a durable UV laminate or a long lasting resin dome.

*Minimum application temperature rating is 50°F
**Not recommended for use in direct sunlight without a UV laminate


Custom Tamper Evident Destructible Labels

Preserve your valuable assets with labels that break into tiny peaces when removal is attempted

     Destructible tamper evident labels are used to protect your valuable assets from theft or asset switching. Use the destructible tamper evident label on phones, keyboards, tools, and more.

    When label removal is attempted the label doesn’t peel off, it comes off in chips and tiny peaces making it time consuming and extremely difficult to remove.

With the choice of white or reflective white substrates we can print your custom graphics, variable serial numbers, asset numbers, and more on your tamper evident labels.

  • Tamper Evident labels
  • Tamper Evident Labels

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