Vector and Raster Artwork

 Vector Artwork or Line Art

Vector art, or object-created art, is made up of defined curves, dots and line segments. This makes it so the artwork or graphic can be edited or resized easily, along with needed color adjustments. Vector art is resolution-independent; and can be printed at any resolution that a printer is capable of. Vector art is the recommended format for submitting artwork for quality printing. Vector or line art also allows us to use the Pantone™ color matching system for required color matching.

 Raster Artwork or Pixel-Based Art

Raster art images are based on pixels or squares. PPI or pixels-per-inch (also commonly called dots-per-inch or dpi) determines the quality of your artwork at the intended size. When a raster image is scaled at the printed size, the number of pixels that spans an inch is your ppi. For example; a raster image that is a resolution of 600 pixels by 600 pixels would be sufficient quality or resolution for a 2” x 2” label. We recommend 300ppi for printing, the lower the ppi the more jagged your print may appear. With raster images, color adjustment and color matching is limited.

Vector Artwork and Raster Artwork Sample

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