Custom Waterproof Stickers 

Custom waterproof stickers and label components 

 Waterproof Stickers

Our focus at TUFFLabels has been to produce high quality, durable, weather, and custom waterproof stickers. Our water resistant waterproof stickers and labels are designed to resist the salty water of the briny sea, to salt and oil spray on your car. We also offer a line of consumable waterproof stickers and labels. For a classy and stylish label for your shampoo bottles, to the fragrant essential oil containers, TUFFLabels will add the finishing touch. Our expert Label Specialist are glad to answer any questions you may have on substrates as well as the best construction for your application. Our custom waterproof stickers and labels consist of high quality components giving you the quality and performance of waterproof sticker you need.

TUFFLabels for Measuring Ocean fish

Tufflabels custom waterproof stickers or label are used as a scale for measuring fish – a fresh catch from the ocean.

  • Water Proof stickers
  • X-treme durable dome
Water resistant labels