Outdoor Durable Labels

Tough Outdoor Durable Labels are designed for extreme weather

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Tough All Weather Labels

     TuffLabels specializes in long lasting outdoor durable labels. Our labels are designed to withstand the hot burning rays of the desert sun, and the cold temperatures of the ski slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

     Quality long lasting durable outdoor labels require the highest quality components.  Starting with our durable permanent adhesives, and adding substrates designed for temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) to as hot as over 300°F (150°C). Printing with durable UV resistant inks, and overlaying with a quality laminate. This is the secret to our outdoor durable labels’ tough composition.

     Our 9 year rated extreme outdoor durable labels are finished with our custom 8mil Tuff Laminate. Tuff Laminate has been tested  and proven in the hot sun of the Southern California deserts.

For a warning label or instruction label to go on your equipment. We offer a 1mil UV laminate to give your outdoor durable label additional years of service.

     Our most durable outdoor label is our Dome label. The DomeLabel is coated with a beautiful clear resin dome which is guaranteed to remain flexible and clear. Dome labels clear resin contains engineered UV inhibitors which makes the DomeLabel the top choice for outdoor durable labels.

     You will see our outside labels are used for many items such as dealership labels, branding labels, warning labels, work order labels, furnace labels, signage, and many other options.

     Outdoor durable  labels are the choice when you need a label that will last for years. Speak to a helpful Team Member today about your long lasting outdoor label need.

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Custom durable Labels

Contact us today for a free quote on our durable labels, customized for your specific application. Tough Labels is a leading manufacturer of custom durable labels with years of experience in high-durability, digital label printing.