Waterproof Labels

TuffLabels offers custom crafted extreme waterproof labels

Waterproof labels, Custom Waterproof Stickers

TUFFLabels has been providing waterproof labels to a variety of marine, and other industries for many years. Some of our labels adhere to sophisticated equipment that are immersed under the ocean for many months at a time. Many of our waterproof labels are used on heating and cooling units on your roof, or the undercarriage on  your car. Some of our waterproof labels are used for warning labels near a pool.

     Our consumable waterproof labels are used on water bottles, shampoo and hair care bottles, and other cosmetics bottles and packaging.

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Waterproof Labels

Our Waterproof Labels will withstand harsh briny sea

     Waterproof Labels are designed to withstand extreme environments. From the salty ocean water, to labels for your shampoo bottles, we have the answer for wet environment labels. Our labels are designed to meet the challenge of outdoor weather such as rain, snow, and ice.

     Our waterproof labels constructed from the ground up with quality components. Begin with our acrylic adhesive, and adding a durable waterproof vinyl or polyester substrate with your custom quality graphic. Top it off with an outstanding laminate thus creating a winning combination for your durable waterproof labels.

Custom Waterproof Stickers, Waterproof labels

Domelabels are Tough Labels

Our toughest TUFFLabel is the DomeLabel

     Our toughest waterproof labels is the dome label. The clear plastic resin dome is a classy and beautiful resin finish which protects the tough label from water and gives your label years of outdoor weather, and UV durability. Our ultra-clear automotive grade resin dome is mercury free, lead free, and best of all not only will it stay clear and flexible, it will never yellow. For more information about our domed waterproof labels visit our Domelabels.com website.

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