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Below are a few of the products we manufacture:

• Equipment Labels
• Barcode & Sequential Numbered Labels
• Variable Data Labels
• Warning Labels
• Tamper Resistant Labels

• Prototype & Pre-Production Runs
• Custom Branding Labels
• Promotional Product Labels
• ID Tag Labels
• Chemical & UV Resistant Labels

We offer custom durable tough labels for your specific application. Our high-quality labels are digitally printed and laminated for maximum durability. Our tough labels can be laminated with several high-quality laminates to best suit your application.

Our Ultra-Tuff Labels are laminated with a high-durability layer with excellent UV inhibitors. It is formulated to withstand harsh cleaners and chemicals. Our Ultra-Tuff Labels are laminated with an 8 mil laminate to make a very tough label. It is rated for outdoor applications and will last much longer than most polycarbonate labels.

Our durable labels are also available with over-laminates for specialty applications, and for applications where extreme durability is not required for a more cost-effective solution. They are still weather and water resistant labels.

Our tough labels are great for use as equipment labels (electronic equipment labels, medical equipment labels, construction equipment labels, safety equipment labels, recreational equipment labels, rental equipment labels, as well as countless others), also machinery labels (construction machinery labels, manufacturing machinery labels, automation machinery labels, printing machinery labels, and many others) as well as tools labels (power tool labels, carpentry tool labels, construction tool labels, rental tool labels, automotive tools labels, to name only a few).

We offer solutions for numerous label needs, including: UV Resistant Labels (up to 5 Years+ Outdoors) • Durable Labels • Chemical Resistant Labels • Waterproof Labels • Weatherproof Labels • Abrasion Resistant Labels • Permanent Adhesive Labels • Permanent Labels • Heat Resistant Labels • Tough Labels • Prototype Labels • Equipment Labels • Tool Labels • Machinery Labels • Custom Branding Labels • Customized Labels • Barcode Labels • Personalized Labels • Plastic Labels • Vinyl Labels • Polyester Labels • Clear Labels • Transparent Labels • Metallic Labels • RoHS Compliant Labels

Please contact us today for a free quote on our durable labels, customized for your specific application. Tough Labels is a leading manufacturer of custom durable labels with 9 years of experience in high-durability, digital label printing.

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